There are different options available for expanding your living space in your existing home, and a basement renovation is one of the options. Many homes in Calgary have unfinished or partially finished basements, and these may be unused or used only for storage in the same manner a garage or attic is used. Completing a basement renovation in Calgary is a wonderful way for you to add more functional living space and to add value to your home. Many basements extend across the entire footprint of the home, so the amount of space that is added can be significant. When you are interested in completing a basement renovation project, «Casap Renovation» is the company to turn to.


There are numerous ways that you can use a finished out basement, and our team at «Casap Renovation» will help you to learn more about the ideas. Generally, the best ideas are those that perfectly correspond with your own needs in the home. For example, if you need more bedrooms, a design that sections off the space into bedrooms, closets and a bathroom or two may be ideal. If you need a work office, a game room, an entertainment area or other types of rooms in your home, these also can be added. Most basements may currently be a large, undivided space, but the team at «Casap Renovation» can prepare a design that transforms this space into the usable rooms that your home needs.


A basement renovation project is unique from other home renovation projects due to the type of preparation work that must be completed. Initially, the walls and flooring in the basement must be sealed to create a barrier that is impermeable to moisture. The area often must also be well-insulated. Duct work for the HVAC system, plumbing and electrical wiring must also be laid before any structural changes to the space will be made. Generally, the preparation work may take a large portion of the overall renovation time. After the space has been properly prepared, walls, doors, light fixtures, flooring and other features can be added to the room.


At «Casap Renovation», we understand the lofty goals you may have for your finished out basement. We also understand that the basement is an extension of your home. The quality of construction, the types of materials used and the general ambiance in the space must carry through from the upper levels of the home into your finished out basement. We will help you with the finishing touches on the space so that the décor looks amazing and so that it looks like the basement has a natural flow or transition from the other areas of the home. The finishing touches will play a major role in how much you love your new space, and we are committed to helping you create a space that is stylish, functional and a truly valuable new addition to your home.


After your basement renovation project has been completed by our professional crew at «Casap Renovation», you can enjoy the end result of our efforts for the entire time you live in the space. This is an area that you may spend many hours in each day, and it can make your home far more functional for your needs and desires. You may find yourself hosting more parties if you have created an entertainment area in the home. You may love the peace and quite that you get while working if you used the space for a home office. Perhaps you have added more bedrooms and living areas, and you may cherish the fact that your family can stretch out and relax without constantly bumping into each other.

«Casap Renovation» has been helping local residents with home renovations for years, and we know what it takes to successfully renovate your basement. If you are thinking about how a basement renovation would benefit you or if you would like to know more about the cost and design ideas, set up a consultation with us. We will answer all of your questions about the process and the end result so that you can make an informed decision that is right for your needs and your home.